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A stock is an investment instrument, a security issued by a joint-stock company, i.e., the issuing company

All investors who purchase shares become co-owners of the company. A share confirms that its owner possesses a part of the company, even if it is a very small portion. Shares are a risky instrument because their price can fluctuate. Additionally, some shares pay dividends



Domestic government bonds & war bonds

The best investment instrument with a 100% government guarantee and a yield higher than a bank deposit is available to citizens, businesses, and foreign investors

Funds from bonds, raised into the State Budget of Ukraine, are used for the uninterrupted provision of the state's financial needs under martial law — both social and defense needs



Depositary institution

A depositary institution is a professional participant in the capital markets

It provides services for the safekeeping and accounting of securities, as well as the recording and servicing of the acquisition, termination, and transfer of rights to securities. When purchasing securities, you must store them in a licensed depositary institution, such as BTC Broker




A REPO agreement is the sale of securities with an obligation to repurchase them, meaning a repo transaction actually consists of two purchase and sale operations

In economic terms, a REPO transaction is a credit operation in which securities are used as collateral

Планшет з графіком акцій компанії Еппл

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An investment company with the best services and competitive rates

Opening and servicing securities accounts for legal entities and individuals (residents and non-residents).

Current offers

Government bonds, Eurobonds, corporate bonds of Ukrainian issuers

  • In this section, you will find a catalog of current financial instruments available for instant investment

  • It aims to satisfy both conservative investors and those wishing to invest in risky securities

  • Invest through "BTC Broker" LLC in financial instruments available on the Ukrainian stock market!

  • Excerpt from tariffs

    • Account opening - 0 UAH

    • Purchase/sale of government bonds - 0 UAH

    • Purchase/sale of shares of Ukrainian issuers - 0 UAH

    • Purchase/sale of shares of foreign issuers - 0 UAH

    • Custody of government bonds - 0 UAH

    Best choice label
  • Excerpt from tariffs


    • Opening a securities account - FREE

    • Purchase/sale of government bonds on the organized market - 0.1% but not less than 500.00 UAH

    • Purchase/sale of corporate securities on the organized market - 0.1% but not less than 350.00 UAH

    • Purchase/sale of corporate securities, government bonds, and promissory notes on the unorganized market - 0.3% but not less than 1,000.00 UAH

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Frequently Asked Questions

Bonds, like other securities, exist in electronic form. Your ownership of bonds is confirmed by a corresponding document — a securities account statement. This document is provided by a licensed depository institution where your securities are held

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